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the group is fairly patient

the group is fairly patient

composite tile, acrylic, pigmented ink on board

9" x 12"


my work captures a common dilemma: being part of a group while maintaining individuality. i illustrate this tension by creating original images—including musical compositions and expressive faces-- on dominoes (1" x 2" x .3"). i paint each domino with pigmented ink, apply a protective varnish, and and then attach from one to several hundred finished pieces to canvas/board to create a three-dimensional piece. 

viewed from afar the multiple pieces combine to create a unified but somewhat chaotic image.  viewed up close each component is seen as separate and unique.

psychological interpretation aside, my primary intention is to charm and amuse the viewer through use of bold color and lines; iconic images representing louisiana's unique music, architecture, and entertainment; and use of bemused, deadpan, and other facial expressions.

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